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number 33
  • Mainboard: EPIA5000 @533MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2GB CF-card
  • Intel 82557 network card on PCI extender (RED)
  • Onboard network chip VT6102 (GREEN)
  • Main power supply (no ATX)
  • Another small 5V power supply
  • Power consumption: 15...17 Watt
  • A microcontroller to get all this running (2 non atx power supplies, optical power switch, ATX mainboard, frontpanel access, RS232, diagnostic FW)
  • The airflow cooling scheme is not visible in picture below - it covers too much.
  • Runs on IpCop 1.4.21 for a long time and 2 month after release of IpCop 2.x on that one.

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